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Know Who’s At the Door: Intercom Systems for Enhanced Security

In case you have been thinking of a way to figure out who is at the door without having to leave your living room, intercoms are a great solution. They allow two-way communication from room to room. Considering this fact, they can also be installed in between rooms for communication within the property. This two-way communication comes handy especially in businesses.

Installing intercom systems in the house makes it easy for people inside the house to screen visitors hence allowing an enhanced protection at the door.

In businesses, commercial intercom systems are used that are suitable for mid-sized or small businesses. These significantly enhance the security at the place while increasing the efficiency of the work by allowing communications to flow past quickly.  

At Blueram Security, you can find the latest intercom systems and technologies using which you can secure and communicate effectively within the vicinity of your house, or your business place.

The smart intercom

smart intercom provides tenants with features designed for safety and convenience. Use your smartphone to see who is at the building's front door, initiate a voice or video chat with visitors, issue virtual keys for seamless guests access, and more.

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Choosing the right intercom system for your location

Voice Intercom – As the name implies, voice intercoms provide a voice communication system in between rooms and doorways. These are primarily used on the entryways, in order to confirm the identity of a visitor. These are also a great tool for communication in between employees in companies that are set up in a large office.  

Video Intercom – Video intercoms are different from voice intercoms in the sense that they contain a video capability that allows you to see who is at the door without having to open it. These are primarily used as a security tool on entryways and are rarely used for communication within the facility. There are several video intercom systems that can be integrated with access control modules for a better overall security.

Wireless Intercom – Moving on to wireless intercom systems, these communication systems can easily be installed in any business or home. These systems are like voice intercoms, with one big difference. As their name implies, there is no need for hardwiring into the walls which reduces all the costs of electricity and drilling. These include encryption between the units along with radio links to allow a secure communication within two parties.

The benefits of intercom systems

They allow convenient Two-Way Communication – Perhaps the biggest advantage of an intercom system is that they allow a two-way communication in between employees at the business place, from inside the house to the entryway, and in between different rooms inside a house. Having these in place, there is no need to physically leave the room in order to convey your message to the other person.

Enhanced Security – Intercom systems primarily allow business owners and house owners to verify the identity of the person on the entryway or the door. Some systems may also record a snapshot/video of the person on the door when the bell is rung.

Increased Productivity – On a business facility, intercoms can help employees in quick and effective communication, which simply increases their productivity and efficiency.