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Door Access Control Solutions for Protecting Your Business 24/7

Control and Manage the Physical Access to Your Business

Blueram security specializes in providing the most suitable access control solution that which. You can use to manage and control the physical access to your property. This is especially useful for business owners who want to protect unauthorized access into certain areas of the property. Whether it is a single door that you want to secure, or hundreds of them, Blueram Security can provide you the perfect solution. Our services include card readers, access management software, door access control, and other accessories that are required for securing the exit and entryways at your property.

Increasing Crime Rates in USA

Based on the data that is provided by the US Census Robbery and the Property Crimes Report, the Crime Rates in USA have been increasing at a fast rate. In such a scenario, it is more important than ever to have adequate security solutions installed on doors and entryways.

Although most of the crime occurs on the highways and streets, business properties are not fully safe from the reach of criminals, thieves, robbers, and street gangs. It has been observed that commercial businesses and street buildings happen to be at a greater risk of forced entry, unauthorized access, and property damage.

The security experts at Blueram Security are highly specialized in their fields and can hence provide you all the guidance that you need regarding door access control solutions for your property.

While door access control systems are a crucial security element for any business, installation of security cameras is single most important element that cannot be ignored.

Features of a good access control camera solution

24/7 Access Management - A perfect access control solution allows access management 24/7 along with non-stop monitoring.

Simple Administration – A suitable access control solution also includes administrative management of employee access rights in a convenient way.

Activity Reporting – Make sure that the door access control system that you are selecting allows a backup history of the activity along with reports.

Remote and Mobile Access – It is important to be able to view the status of your security from a distance. This is where mobile access and remote viewing capabilities come handy.

Importance of an access control for your business

Eliminates Unauthorized Access The prime benefit of an access control for your business is the unauthorized removal of employees who cannot be trusted with sensitive business data.

Improves Employee Safety and Productivity – Door access control systems can help you in tracking the whereabouts of an employee and to pinpoint any unauthorized entry

Increases Security for Sensitive Areas – The installation of an access control system at entry points that lead to sensitive information and areas such as server rooms can increase the overall security of your business.

Provides Convenient Access Management – Having an access management system that usually come with an access control solution can help you in managing the access points throughout the business area along with management of employee entry/exit.